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Exclusive private transportation agency for seniors in The Bay Area, we provide gurney and wheelchair, high-tech vehicles, medically trained personnel, certified AED, and qualified to transport you to your medical appointments, or take you to your desired location.

Long distance trips

Flexible scheduling

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Special discounts for recurring rides

Brand new vehicles

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Ruby Lorica Domondon
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Andrew John 🙂 Highly recommended, excellent service and great customer support from beginning to end of the process. Efficient communication and a really easy way to get a transportation. Friendly and professional.
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We needed a transportation service for my elderly neighbor back in October, I called Absolute Senior Solutions after hours and they arranged everything as quickly as you can imagine. Their service is excellent and very professional. I would highly recommend them..
John Doe
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My great-aunt needed transportation on short notice. Thankfully, we had Absolute Transportation! From the beginning, Absolute Transportation had great customer service. Their service was also high-quality and very professional. I'm very impressed! Thank you to the team at Absolute Transportation. I will definitely recommend their services to anyone who needs it!!